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Full Version: The Silver Proof 25mm $1 coin picture thread
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Not many collectors have a complete set of these graded by PCGS, So I thought a pictorial thread may be interesting.
I will endeavour to post all my coins eventually and I will start at the beginning with the first coin and work through the rest of them Ok
I will post the coins by year so as not to bog it down with images.

OK here we go
1988 Aboriginal Kangaroo PR69DCAM
Mintage 24,970
[Image: 1988_art.jpg]

1990 Aboriginal Kangaroo PR69DCAM
Mintage 23,551
[Image: 1990_art.jpg]
1990 Mob of Roos PR70DCAM
Mintage 23,551
[Image: 1990_mor.jpg]

1990 year of Peace PR69DCAM, I think PCGS was pretty generous with this grade
Mintage 23,551
[Image: 1990_peace.jpg]
Keep them coming Trout they are nice
Mintage 25,000
[Image: 1991mor.jpg]
1992 Barcelona interrupted reeding PR69DCAM
Mintage 12,500
[Image: 1992_barcelona.jpg]

1992 Barcelona continuos reeding PR69DCAM
Mintage 2,500
[Image: 1992_barcelona_RE.jpg]
1993 Landcare interrupted reeding PR69DCAM
mintage 20,000
[Image: 1993_landcare_.jpg]

1993 Landcare continuos reeding PR69DCAM
Mintage 5,000
[Image: 1993_landcare_RE.jpg]
1994 Dollar Decade interrupted reeding PR70DCAM
mintage 20,002
[Image: 1994_dollar_decade~0.jpg]

1994 Dollar Decade continuos reeding PR69DCAM
Mintage 5,001
[Image: 1994_dollar_decade_RE.jpg]
1995 Paterson interrupted reeding PR69DCAM
mintage 20.005
[Image: 1995_paterson.jpg]

1995 Paterson continuos reeding PR69DCAM
Mintage 2.001
[Image: 1995_paterson_RE.jpg]
Keep them coming they are great
1996 Sir Henry Parkes PR68DCAM
Mintage 20,006
The design on the silver proof seems to work a lot better than the AL-BR coins .
[Image: 1996_parkes.jpg]

1997 Kingsford Smith Large Head PR68DCAM
Mintage 2,480 Only available in the $20 note and coin set
[Image: 1997_smith_lg.jpg]

1997 Kingsford Smith small Head PR70DCAM
Mintage 13,611
[Image: 1997_smith_sm.jpg]
Slowly getting there Angel

1998 Howard Florey PR69DCAM
Mintage 11,644
[Image: 1998_florey.jpg]

1999 Anzacs PR69DCAM
Mintage 25,000
[Image: 1999_anzac.jpg]

2000 HMAS Sydney 2 PR69DCAM
Mintage 12,150
[Image: 2000_sydney.jpg]
2001 Army PR69DCAM
Mintage 12,500
[Image: 2001_army.jpg]

2002 Year of the Outback
Mintage 17,839
[Image: 2002_outback.jpg]

2003 Volunteers PR69DCAM
Mintage 6.500
[Image: 2003_korea.jpg]

2003 Korean War PR69DCAM
Mintage 15,000
[Image: 2003_volunteers.jpg]
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