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Full Version: The Silver Proof 25mm $1 coin picture thread
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2008 Coins

2008 Year of the Rat PR70DCAM
Mintage 5,250
[Image: 2008_rat.jpg]

2008 Planet Earth PR69DCAM
Mintage 2,600
[Image: 2008_planet_earth.jpg]

2008 Coat of Arms PR66DCAM
Mintage 9,661
I will have to upgrade this one Dash1
[Image: 2008_coa.jpg]
Sorry is that tape on the Florin Commemorative?
(02-10-2014, 09:23 AM)oh my florin Wrote: [ -> ]Sorry is that tape on the Florin Commemorative?

tarnish yuk Dash1

2009 Coins

2009 Australian Citizenship PR69DCAM
Mintage 7,050
[Image: 2009_citizenship.jpg]

2009 Year of the Ox PR69DCAM
Mintage 4,091
[Image: 2009_ox.jpg]
2010 Coins.
There was a “Bumper Crop” of coins this year 7 in total Yahoo

2010 Year of the Tiger PR68DCAM
Mintage 3,900
[Image: 2010_tiger.jpg]

2010c centenary of Australian coinage Canberra Mint PR68DCAM
Mintage 12,000
[Image: 2010c_100yrs.jpg]

2010b centenary of Australian coinage Brisbane ANDA Show PR68DCAM
Mintage 2,000
[Image: 2010b_100yrs.jpg]

2010m centenary of Australian coinage Melbourne ANDA Show PR68DCAM
Mintage 2,000
[Image: 2010m_100yrs.jpg]

2010p centenary of Australian coinage Perth ANDA Show PR69DCAM
Mintage 2,000
[Image: 2010p_100yrs.jpg]

2010s centenary of Australian coinage Sydney ANDA Show PR69DCAM
[Image: 2010s_100yrs.jpg]

2010c Master Mintmark centenary of Australian coinage PR69DCAM Canberra ANDA Show
Mintage 2,000
[Image: 2010_master_mm_100yrs.jpg]
2011 coins
I’m slowly getting through these Ok

2011 year of the Rabbit PR69DCAM
Mintage 5,570
[Image: 2011_rabit.jpg]

2011 Rams Head PR69DCAM
Mintage 9,038
[Image: 2011_ram.jpg]

2011 Mob of Roos PR68DCAM
Mintage 2,072
[Image: 2011_mor~0.jpg]

2011 Presidents Cup Golf PR69DCAM
Mintage 20,000
[Image: 2011_golf.jpg]
(02-10-2014, 05:23 AM)trout Wrote: [ -> ]
(01-10-2014, 11:59 PM)Goldseeker Wrote: [ -> ]What, are you saying that I SHOULD post my silver coins as well?

By all means, I love looking at coin piccies Good

Rather than jam up the thread/(your thread), I might put them up into my Gallery for one to look at. However, all my inputs will be SCANS and not PHOTOS so will have to see how my scans compare with your photos.
2012 Coins

2012 Year of the Dragon PR69DCAM
Mintage ???
[Image: 2012_dragon.jpg]

2012 Mob of Roos PR69DCAM
Mintage 6000?
[Image: 2012_mor~0.jpg]

2012 Wheat Sheaf PR69DCAM
Mintage ???
[Image: 2012_wheat~0.jpg]
2013 Coins

2013 Mob of Roos PR69DCAM
mintage ??
[Image: 2013_mor.jpg]

2013 Holey dollar and dump PR67DCAM
Mintage 12,500?
[Image: 2013_dump.jpg]

2013 Year of the Snake PR68DCAM
Mintage ??
[Image: 2013_snake~0.jpg]

2013 60th Anniversary of the Korean War PR69DCAM
Mintage ??
[Image: 2013_korea~0.jpg]
This is the last batch so far and the end of what I have had graded.
The last couple of years haven’t got the mintage figures because I don’t know what they are.

My Next Pictorial thread will encompass ALL the Pad printed 25mm Dollar coins, 36 coins in this series.
I just have to wait until the remainder are graded and returned to me so that I can take the images required 

2014 Coins

2014 Terra Australis PR69DCAM
Mintage ??
[Image: 2014_terra_australis.jpg]

2014 Mob of Roos PR69DCAM
Mintage ??
[Image: 2014_mor~0.jpg]

2014 Year of the Horse PR69DCAM
Mintage ??
[Image: 2014_horse~0.jpg]
I have been pretty slack not adding any coins here for a while Angel

Here are 2 coins from 2015

AFL Silver coin
[Image: 2015_vfl_silver.jpg]

NRL Silver coin
[Image: 2015_nrl_silver.jpg]
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