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Full Version: The Silver Proof 25mm $1 coin picture thread
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I hope its OK to put this here. Its FordPrefect's image from the wedding set giveaway thread in the main forum. I'm not sure what year it is but I like the way he gets the coin to reflect the light and its an interesting comparison of the wedding set coin.

[Image: IMG_0027-crop-800-1200_zpsidwyjf3r.jpg]
Quote:I hope its OK to put this here.

ALL Silver proof 25mm coin images are more than welcome here.
Thank you for the contribution, Fantastic images by Fordy as well Yahoo
This is the 2015 Anzac 25mm Silver Proof coin

[Image: 2015_25mm_silver_proof~0.jpg]
Here is the 2016 Sydney Mint Coin.

[Image: 33786566_Large.jpg]
Here are the 2016 year of the Monkey and the 2017 year of the Rooster
Lunar 25mm Silver Proofs.

[Image: 2016_monkey_Silver_Proof.jpg]

[Image: 2017_rooster_Silver_Proof.jpg]
Nice pic Jim. Smile
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