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Post Your Australian Decimal Coins by Year - 2001 CoF

This coin was sent to me as a gift last week, and I reckon it fits in here nicely.

Aust 50c 2001 CoF Tethers (not really visible here)
[Image: Aust_50c_2001_CoF_Tethers_Duo.jpg]

Aust 50c 2001 CoF Rev D.Ck, Tethers, Lam. It's like they've each got an umbilical cord with an added bonus of a lam/D.Ck on the Emu side.

If it's a D.Ck there should be more of them to be found, so I'll see if I can find some.

12:27 Pm: OK, found 4 more with it so it's definitely a D.Ck and it seems that it only occurs on coins that also have the D.Ck from the Emu's rump to the plinth.

[Image: Aust_50c_2001_CoF_Rev_D_Ck2C_Tethers2C_Lam_Multi.jpg]
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