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Full Version: Post Your Australian Decimal Coins by Year - 2001 CoF
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Post Your Australian Decimal Coins by Year - 2001 CoF
There are just so many 2001 error coins that I'm not sure how I'll continue to post them, the CoF ones will certainly get a thread of their own.

I am trying to keep the number of images per coin as low as possible to avoid jammimg the thread. If there are any errors you'd like to see in more detail, just ask.

Starting with the 20c, here is what I've done so far:

20c 2001 CoF NI Combo
[Image: 20c_2001_CoF_NI_Combo.jpg]

20c 2001 CoF SA Obv Cuds, D.Cks Rev D.Cks Combo
[Image: 20c_2001_CoF_SA_Obv_Cuds2C_D_Cks_Rev_D_Cks_Combo.jpg]

20c CoF Qld 9 Obv Cuds 4 Rev Cuds 2x Str Thru Combo
[Image: 20c_CoF_Qld_9_Obv_Cuds_4_Rev_Cuds_2x_Str_Thru_Combo.jpg]
20c 2001 CoF TAS Errors:

[Image: 20c_2001_CoF_TAS_Combo.jpg]
Here are the rest of the CoF 20c.

20c 2001 CoF ACT Combo
[Image: 20c_2001_CoF_ACT_Combo.jpg]
20c 2001 CoF NSW Duo
[Image: 20c_2001_CoF_NSW_Duo.jpg]

20c 2001 CoF NSW Combo1
[Image: 20c_2001_CoF_NSW_Combo1.jpg]

20c 2001 CoF NSW Combo2
[Image: 20c_2001_CoF_NSW_Combo2.jpg]
20c 2001 CoF NT Combo
[Image: 20c_2001_CoF_NT_Errors_Combo.jpg]
20c 2001 CoF VIC Combo
[Image: 20c_2001_CoF_VIC_Combo.jpg]
20c 2001 CoF WA Combo 1
[Image: 20c_2001_CoF_WA_Combo_1.jpg]

20c 2001 CoF WA Combo 2
[Image: 20c_2001_CoF_WA_Combo_2.jpg]
Here are the COF 50c States

50c 2001 C0F NSW Combo
[Image: 50c_2001_C0F_NSW_Combo.jpg]

50c 2001 C0F SA Combo
[Image: 50c_2001_C0F_SA_Combo.jpg]

50c 2001 C0F Vic Combo
[Image: 50c_2001_C0F_Vic_Combo.jpg]

50c 2001 CoF ACT Duo ( No errors that I’m aware of)
[Image: 50c_2001_CoF_ACT_Duo.jpg]

50c 2001 CoF NI Duo ( No errors that I’m aware of)
[Image: 50c_2001_CoF_NI_Duo.jpg]

50c 2001 CoF NT Duo ( No errors that I’m aware of)
[Image: 50c_2001_CoF_NT_Duo.jpg]

50c 2001 CoF QLD Combo
[Image: 50c_2001_CoF_QLD_Combo.jpg]

50c 2001 CoF QLD Obv D'bling
[Image: 50c_2001_CoF_QLD_Obv_D_bling.jpg]

50c 2001 CoF TAS Combo
[Image: 50c_2001_CoF_TAS_Combo.jpg]

50c 2001 CoF WA Duo ( No errors that I’m aware of)
[Image: 50c_2001_CoF_WA_Duo.jpg]
50c 2001 CoF Coa

50c 2001 CoF CoA Duo with Indicators.jpg
[Image: 50c_2001_CoF_CoA_Duo_with_Indicators.jpg]
50c 2001 COA CoF 6 Diff Emu D.Cks, 3 x DPL, Ribbon-5 D.Ck, Rim Cud
[Image: 50c_2001_COA_CoF_6_Diff_Emu_D_Cks2C_3_x_...ulti~0.jpg]
50c 2001 COA CoF c1av1 Rev D.Ck Ribbon-5-Rim
[Image: 50c_2001_COA_CoF_c1av1_Rev_D_Ck_Ribbon-5-Rim_Duo.jpg]
50c 2001 CoF CoA 3 x Obv Errors
[Image: 50c_2001_CoF_CoA_3_x_Obv_Errors.jpg]
50c 2001 CoF CoA 2x Roozilla
[Image: 50c_2001_CoF_CoA_Roozilla.jpg]
Wow Nancy!
This is the last of the 2001 CoF coins, $1.00 this time.

$1 2001 CoF Obv Beads HM's Outline
[Image: _1_2001_CoF__Obv_Beads_HM27s_Outline.jpg]

$1 2001 CoF Obv Beads HM's Profile
[Image: _1_2001_CoF__Obv_Beads_HM_s_Profile.jpg]

$1 2001 CoF Obv Cud Top Lip, Chin Cuds
[Image: _1_2001_CoF_Obv_Cud_Top_Lip_2B_Chin_Cuds.jpg]

$1 2001 CoF Obv Jagged IRB 2 Coins
[Image: _1_2001_CoF_Obv_Jagged_IRB_2_Coins.jpg]

$1 2001 CoF Obv 'Pearls' Trio-1 Coin
[Image: _1_2001_CoF_Obv__Pearls__Trio-1_Coin.jpg]

$1 2001 CoF Rev 3 Coins Jagged 1901
[Image: _1_2001_CoF_Rev_3_Coins_Jagged_1901.jpg]

$1 2001 CoF Rev Beads
[Image: _1_2001_CoF_Rev_Beads.jpg]

$1 2001 CoF Rev Lam 11.30-6.30k
[Image: _1_2001_CoF_Rev_Lam_11_30-6_30k~0.jpg]

$1 2001 Obv Ft Hair
[Image: _1_2001_Obv_Ft_Hair.jpg]

$1 2001 Obv Lip Chin
[Image: _1_2001_Obv_Lip_Chin.jpg]

$1 2001 Obv With Indicators
[Image: _1_2001_Obv_With_Indicators.jpg]

$1 2001 Rev FEDERATION
[Image: _1_2001_Rev_FEDERATION.jpg]

$1 2001 Rev With Indicators
[Image: _1_2001_Rev_With_Indicators.jpg]

2001 $1 CoF Rev 4 Cuds
[Image: 2001__1_CoF_Rev_4_Cuds.jpg]
I think you might have a typo Nevol as I think you meant $1 not $11 Blush2
(07-06-2015, 09:29 AM)ausjack Wrote: [ -> ]I think you might have a typo Nevol as I think you meant $1 not $11 Blush2
Thanks AJ, that'll teach me to do a preview before I post. Whistle2
It's all good mate even I make the odd mistake Friends sometimes Smile Ok you got me, all the time Laugh2 And awesome job as usual Hi
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