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Re-Use Stamps and Get Caught

Most of us sell on eBay and charge postage , I feel that re using un marked stamps to be totally dishonest and dishonourable because you are ripping off Aussie post and the buyer at the same time.
If you do this on a regular basis I would have serous doubts about your "Bona fides " because what you are doing is Fraudulent and dishonest.
Shame on you mob that endorse this practiceDodgyDodgyDodgyDodgy
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(15-10-2013, 09:45 PM)trout Wrote: Shame on you mob that endorse this practice

What, we're supposed to investigate the provenance of every stamp that crosses our path? What next? Get a sworn statement that this UNC 1997 20¢ I just found wasn't knocked off out of somebody's prized collection???

If a stamp is mint, its mint. Simple. If its been used, it will be cancelled. Also simple. - Decimal Mintages and Polymer Notes PDFs
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I think Trout is talking about stamps that you personally know have been through the mail and intentionally reuse. I won't do that either.

(15-10-2013, 10:21 PM)triplewitch Wrote: I won't do that either.

Well, neither do I, but that's not the point, really. - Decimal Mintages and Polymer Notes PDFs
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hey guys,
Not a lot to angst about - I think in the scheme of things, it's a drop in the ocean for aussie post

"Group profit of $312 million after tax, up 10.9 per cent on last year - the third consecutive year of profit growth under current Future Ready strategy."

A healthy profit revealed today shows Australia Post can afford to continue providing secure jobs for workers and quality, reliable mail services to Australian communities, the postal workers’ Union said.

CEPU Postal and Telecommunications NSW Branch Secretary Jim Metcher welcomed the announcement of a $312 million (after tax) profit in Australia Post’s annual report, saying there was no excuse for cuts to job numbers, post offices or mail delivery service standards.

“The present decline in letter volumes and associated costs are able to be offset by the growth in parcel volumes and retail revenues,” said Mr Metcher.

“Post employees are stepping up to the task in making the necessary adjustments that provides the ability for Australia Post to navigate their way through a dramatically changing retail and communications landscape.

“In return for maximising job security, employees at all levels along with their representatives are embracing change and are demonstrating enthusiasm for retraining into emerging areas.

“The figures all round revealed in today’s annual report shows that the hard work and commitment of all employees is paying off.

“Post must therefore do the right thing by its employees and ensure they are not victims of short-sighted cost-cutting measures.

“Post must also maintain its commitment to continue with its important community service obligations with the delivery of all mail products five days a week and on time.

“Businesses and communities across Australia rely on an affordable, reliable and efficient postal service and Australia Post can’t afford to lose its reputation as a trusted brand.”

The Union welcomes the significant trend towards maximising full time employment over the past year in line with the strong voice expressed by Australia Post employees across the nation.

Poor ol AUS Post's not our problem if they forget to cancel stamps and people soak them off and reuse them.
Even old ladies do it to save a few dollars.
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Ahhh back in the day when people had time to follow this sort of thing up.

In 1966 (6 years after the event) the cost of posting a letter was 5 cents. So this gentleman went to all the trouble of writing a personal letter, summarising the facts surrounding the case, and inviting the culprit to enter into further discussions about it...all over the matter of 5 cents?!

Ahhh life must have been much simpler back then!!...I wasn't around, but that's my only conclusion from this thread!!

AP proposing to jack up cost of a postage stamp for letter to 70c ...this business arm has posted a huge loss in the millions.
Huge profits for parcels and other services.
AP make millions of dollars profit despite their incompetence of not cancelling stamps.
Never been bothered looking up current AP policy on reusing uncancelled stamps in this day and their a written policy?
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Buy what gives you enjoyment

Un cancelled stamps are becoming more and more common now even on parcels
Buy what gives you enjoyment

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