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Full Version: 2013 50 Years of the Bathurst Endurance Race 50 Cent
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Get over One Direction, Rihanna and Prince Harry -grab a beer this weekend is Bathurst!!

50 Years of the Bathurst Endurance Race, 2013 Supercheap Auto Bathurst 1000

[Image: australia-2013-50c-bathurst.jpg]
Great Medallion PNC as well
(15-01-2014, 11:18 PM)runway Wrote: [ -> ]Great Medallion PNC as well

Wow, never knew that one was out there.
I believe the medallion PNC sold really well because all the Bathurst fans were taking the medallion and mounting it to the front of their cars as a grill or bonnet ornament. Idea
That may increase the value of the remaining Medallion Covers some what?

Here is a scan of the cover:

[Image: 2013-04-22_13-50-40_0062.jpg]
mate hold on to them as all those cars will soon all be gone so cha ching..nice cover Smile
Beautiful PNCs and stamps ... Maxi Cards are the best from this AP issue

The Coin is very generic, no doubt as to not offend anyone if it looks like the " other " brand of car. No steering wheel, and in the middle of the road. I wonder if this is so that LHD Countries will like / buy it because they also watch the race ? Or did they just want a simple design ?
When driving in the Bathurst 1000, one drives all over the road.
However one drives the track on the left hand side at 60km/h when the race isn't on as it's a public road Smile. Well if you don't want to add points to your licence you do.
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