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Post Your Australian Decimal Coins by Year - 2000

After a long hiatus, I'm back, but each year from now on is going to take quite a while so if anyone else has some Coins they wish to display, please post away. They don't have to be errors, just Aussie coins that fit the year of the title of the post.

Part 1 of my year 2000 Errors:

$1 2000 EC106 MoR Rev R5 D.Ck Paw - Rim.jpg
[Image: _1_2000_EC106_MoR_Rev_R5_D_Ck_Paw_-_Rim~0.jpg]

$1 2000 Mule #1 Duo.jpg
[Image: _1_2000_Mule__1_Duo.jpg]

$1 2000 Mule #2 Duo.jpg
[Image: _1_2000_Mule__2_Duo.jpg]

$1 2000 R1-R2 Neck Cud, D.Ck Multi Block.jpg
[Image: _1_2000_R1-R2_Neck_Cud2C_D_Ck_Multi_Block.jpg]

$2 2000 Obv Cold Shut Duo.jpg
[Image: _2_2000_Obv_Cold_Shut_Duo.jpg]
A Platypus is a duck designed by a committee ( anon)

My obvious choice for this particular year

[Image: 2000b~2.jpg]
[Image: 2000a~3.jpg]
[Image: 2b.jpg]
[Image: 2a.jpg]
It's not about who you know it's about what you know

my fav decimal coin
[Image: CoinFacts_31442059_Maxb.jpg]

You guys have got me Drooling Drooling Very nice coins! Yahoo
A Platypus is a duck designed by a committee ( anon)

Part 2 of my year 2000 Errors (5 Cent):

5c 2000 #1 Duo Ramstrike.jpg
[Image: 5c_2000__1_Duo_Ramstrike.jpg]

5c 2000 #2 Tilted Partial Collar Multi.jpg
[Image: 5c_2000__2_Tilted_Partial_Collar_Multi.jpg]

5c 2000 #3 Partial Collar Duo.jpg
[Image: 5c_2000__3_Partial_Collar_Duo.jpg]

5c 2000 #4 Partial Collar Duo.jpg
[Image: 5c_2000__4_Partial_Collar_Duo.jpg]

5c 2000 #5 Partial Tilted Collar Duo.jpg
[Image: 5c_2000__5_Partial_Tilted_Collar_Duo.jpg]

5c 2000 C1 Obv B.Lip Cud, Rev BLCl. Cud Duo.jpg
[Image: 5c_2000_C1_Obv_B_Lip_Cud2C_Rev_BLCl__Cud_Duo.jpg]

5c 2000 C2 Obv Chn, Lip Cuds.jpg
[Image: 5c_2000_C2_Obv_Chn2C_Lip_Cuds.jpg]

5c 2000 C3 Rev FLCl. Cud.jpg
[Image: 5c_2000_C3_Rev_FLCl__Cud.jpg]

5c 2000 C4 Rev FLCl, TRCl Cuds Duo.jpg
[Image: 5c_2000_C4_Rev_FLCl2C_TRCl_Cuds_Duo.jpg]

5c 2000 C5 Rev FLCl. ,TLCl Cuds Duo.jpg
[Image: 5c_2000_C5_Rev_FLCl__2CTLCl_Cuds_Duo.jpg]

5c 2000 C6 Rev D.Clsh Duo.jpg
[Image: 5c_2000_C6_Rev_D_Clsh_Duo.jpg]

5c 2000 C7v1-8 Rev Spine Cuds Multi.jpg
[Image: 5c_2000_C7v1-8_Rev_Spine_Cuds_Multi.jpg]

5c 2000 C8 Rev Lam.jpg
[Image: 5c_2000_C8_Rev_Lam.jpg]

5c 2000 C9.1, 9.2 Rev Med Small SD Duo.jpg
[Image: 5c_2000_C9_12C_9_2_Rev_Med_Small_SD_Duo.jpg]

5c 2000 Rev D.Ck Spines-5-S-Rim Close Up.JPG
[Image: 5c_2000_Rev_D_Ck_Spines-5-S-Rim_Close_Up.JPG]
A Platypus is a duck designed by a committee ( anon)

Another tireless effort Nevol, appreciated. Good
"Everything in moderation, including moderation".

Thanks Robster!

Part 3 of my year 2000 Errors (10 Cent):

10c 2000 Rev Fthr Cud.jpg
[Image: 10c__2000_Rev_Fthr_Cud.jpg]

10c 2000 Rev Cud on 0 Trio.jpg
[Image: 10c_2000__Rev_Cud_on_0_Trio.jpg]

10c 2000 c1 Rev 1 Cud.jpg
[Image: 10c_2000_c1_Rev_1_Cud.jpg]

10c 2000 C2 Rev Cud on 1, D.Ck Top Rt.Fthr Duo.jpg
[Image: 10c_2000_C2_Rev_Cud_on_12C_D_Ck_Top_Rt_Fthr_Duo.jpg]

10c 2000 C4.1-4 Rev Fthr Cud Multi.jpg
[Image: 10c_2000_C4_1-4_Rev_Fthr_Cud_Multi.jpg]

10c 2000 C4.5 Rev Fthr Cud.jpg
[Image: 10c_2000_C4_5_Rev_Fthr_Cud.jpg]
Part 4 of my year 2000 Errors (20 Cent):

20c 2000 5 Diff Rev Claw Cuds Multi.jpg
[Image: 20c_2000_5_Diff_Rev_Claw_Cuds_Multi.jpg]

20c 2000 9 Diff Coins, 3xGap, 2xEye Cuds, 4x0 cuds.jpg
[Image: 20c_2000_9_Diff_Coins2C_3xGap2C_2xEye_Cu...0_cuds.jpg]

20c 2000 C1 Obv D.Cks + 0, R Cuds Multi.jpg
[Image: 20c_2000_C1_Obv_D_Cks_2B_02C_R_Cuds_Multi.jpg]

20c 2000 c1.1-3 Obv Cud over IRB tRIO.jpg
[Image: 20c_2000_c1_1-3_Obv_Cud_over_IRB_tRIO.jpg]

20c 2000 c2.1-2.3 Obv Cuds in Date & L, Chn Trio, Over IRB Multi.jpg
[Image: 20c_2000_c2_1-2_3_Obv_Cuds_in_Date___L2C..._Multi.jpg]

20c 2000 Minor Upset Duo.jpg
[Image: 20c_2000_Minor_Upset_Duo.jpg]

20c 2000 RC1- RC3 Obv 3 Diff Rim Cuds.jpg
[Image: 20c_2000_RC1-_RC3_Obv_3_Diff_Rim_Cuds.jpg]

20c 2000 Upset 10° Duo.jpg
[Image: 20c_2000_Upset_10deg__Duo~0.jpg]
A Platypus is a duck designed by a committee ( anon)

Part 5 of my year 2000 Errors (50 Cent):

50c 2000 c1.1 Rev D.Ck Flag - Rim Multi
[Image: 50c_2000_c1_1_Rev_D_Ck_Flag_-_Rim_Multi.jpg]

50c 2000 C4.1-4.3 Candelabra Trio
[Image: 50c_2000_C4_1-4_3_Candelabra_Trio.jpg]

50c 2000 Millennium - Fat Letters v1
[Image: 50c_2000_Millennium_-_Fat_Letters_v1.jpg]

50c 2000 Millennium - Fat Letters v2
[Image: 50c_2000_Millennium_-_Fat_Letters_v2.jpg]

50c 2000 Millennium - Fat Letters v3
[Image: 50c_2000_Millennium_-_Fat_Letters_v3.jpg]

50c 2000 Obv Doubling - Worn Die Multi
[Image: 50c_2000_Obv_Doubling_-_Worn_Die_Multi.jpg]

50c 2000 Obv Neck Cud c1
[Image: 50c_2000_Obv_Neck_Cud_c1.jpg]

50c 2000 RC1 5.5mm Rim Cud 9-9.45k
[Image: 50c_2000_RC1_5_5mm_Rim_Cud_9-9_45k.jpg]

50c 2000 Rev Doubling Trio - Worn die
[Image: 50c_2000_Rev_Doubling_Trio_-_Worn_die.jpg]

50c 2000 Rev Flag Cud, Rim Metal c1
[Image: 50c_2000_Rev_Flag_Cud2C_Rim_Metal_c1.jpg]

50c 2000 Rev Incused v Normal Flag, Star Duo
[Image: 50c_2000_Rev_Incused_v_Normal_Flag2C_Star_Duo2.jpg]

50c 2000 Mill Obv 2 Cud - 2 Diff Coins
[Image: 50c_2000_Mill_Obv_2_Cud_-_2_Diff_Coins.jpg]
A Platypus is a duck designed by a committee ( anon)

[Image: 30488414_800x600.jpg]
[Image: lunar_2000.jpg]

[Image: 30488415_800x600.jpg]

Been upgrading my pics from scans and older pics. Some great coins there.
2000 50 cent with a variety in the flag part. May have shown this before, however it is a new pic.
[Image: DSCF3213_zpsciz4lb5t.jpg]

Very similar to Nancy's 5 cent piece.
[Image: DSCF3557_zpsu71jhzhn.jpg]

rev side

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