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Old Coin Chest

Hi Everybody, If you heading to the show this Friday and Saturday don't be shy to say G'day and mention that you are from this forum. I will be handing out some flyers for my website , would be great to meet some people from here and put some faces to the names. This is a big weekend for me to have this great opportunity to promote my site. With ebay charging on postage now & owning gumtree and paypal (they are really showing their greedy side) the time is the best it can be for me and everyone, hopefully I will get some new users and more and more will follow and see the great functionality the website can offer. There are no joining, no store or listing fees & definitely no postage fees. its basically a cataloguing site to keep track of your collection (an advanced speedsheet) and again free to do so. The site offers the function to open a store and sell items and then and only then on a sale would you encounter a low 5% final fee.
All the information is on the site.
Its a nervous time for me, I have put months of work in creating a new cataloguing system that I thought would benefit the whole Australian coin industry. Not knowing if anyone would use it? But its done, its here, and this can be changed and tailored to be improved. I am always open to suggestions, and if people can take the time and give it a go, it could make the whole industry a lot stronger. I am 32 years old, a passionate collector of Australian coin, I have dream and vision of making the industry stronger and sercure for the future, I don't have all the knowledge but I have the drive and time to persist with my goals, a good online site for Australian collectors is the start, bugger ebay, do the over priced fees stay in Australia? I can say that old coin chest fees will stay & half of them will be given back to education and programs and events to strengthen the future of Australian coins. If you like the sound of that, think about making the change, check the site out , have a play, if you don't like something or find someone wrong or missing? Hit the contact us and let me know, thanks for reading and thanks to the forum for letting me speak, See you at the show

I'll be going on Friday so I will keep an eye open for you./

Will you have your own stand?
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Are you a member of ANDA? You can get yourself into real strife conducting business at an ANDA show if you are not a member or have a table.

(06-08-2014, 10:50 PM)purplepennyhunter Wrote: Are you a member of ANDA? You can get yourself into real strife conducting business at an ANDA show if you are not a member or have a table.

Maybe the public footpath?

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