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The Australian Coin Collecting Blog

The Australian Coin Collecting Blog which you may know as the Australian Threepence Blog has today undergone a major facelift. We've rolled out a new design using a new site engine. This will allow for bigger images, more tools and more ease of use on mobile and tablet style devices. To begin with we've moved the more important pages with the bulk of the content (just shy of a thousand pages) to be moved over as time permits. The older content can still be viewed as before the newer content has just had a tart-up.

If you notice or find any errors of problems then please let us know. Thanks to our Coin Value Calculator user Margaret from the Cocos Islands who was beside herself when the calculators were down for about 5 minutes during the transfer process -all has been fixed now!

Just wondering, re the Australia 2007 $2 Partial Straight Collar Error example in your blog,

is it also rotated, or is it just the way the image turned out?
A Platypus is a duck designed by a committee ( anon)

I dug out what I thought was the same coin but *whoops* it's a different one. Will have to dig deeper.
2007 Partial Collar $2

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