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New Precious Metal Verifier

Hi Everybody, just watched this video an thought it was fairly impressive, very handy tool, here is the link Don't be shy and leave your thoughts on gadget. I give it a "Awesome" a lot of thought and effort went into it!
Cheers, OCC

I'm impressed with how easy it is. But he only tested pure gold/silver and I want to know how well it does on .925/.800/.500 etc silver or gold coins like sovereigns.

I went to Peter Strict in Melbourne several weeks ago with a coin that was supposedly a Alum Br $1 coin and he tested it on his machine. It was not a Alum Br $1 coin and we are still trying to work out precisely what it is.

I think I still have that coin here somewhere but the machine Peter used I have seen at several coin shows.


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