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Valuable Australian Coins You Can Find In Your Change

I have compiled everything into the first post and where possible linked to either the Wiki (first choice) or the Australian coin blog. Can someone expand on why some of the circulation coins (1985 50c for example) are worth more? Also, what about strike throughs, split planchets, clamshells, and rim clips? Are they ever found in circulation? What about rabbit ear dollars, are they worth more?

Rabbit ears and Spew Roo dollars are worth what someone is willing pay. The coins themselves are still only worth $1 but if several people want an example then that is where the extra dollars come in.

Simply put it is all dependant of supply and demand.

Just my thoughts.
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the 85 50c, although people say is a low mintage, I have "we my family" came across a few in change, you prob don't come across them as often as when we first started, and I guess as more people look for them the harder it will get, {supply and demand}
error coins come mainly from production, so with a machine that pumps out a few hundred in a minute, you cant guarantee, that its going to do every coin exactly the same every time, a coin may be flicked in the stamping mechanism the wrong way, the wrong timing, or a die might start to wear out or develop faults - all part of the manufacturing process
then the coin planchet (coin blank) - (before being stamped with the design) itself may have flaw too, like the wrong metal mixture or a air bubble under the surface, when struck would cause a lamination effect, split planchet

1966 10c Rotated
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2011 10c

1983 1984 20c
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