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Western Australian Numismatic Reference Site

PPH and I have been working with Walter Bloom of the Perth Numismatic Society to help him develop a comprehensive reference site for any Western Australian numismatic or exonumia related items. This includes badges, medallions, tokens, dog tags, and so on. I believe Walter has enough information to be able (eventually) list up more than 1,000 items. However, I know he's looking for anyone who has any Western Australian focused items to get in contact with him with images and any background information on the item.

The site is still in it's beginning stages but Walter has nearly 100 items listed already and it's worth having a look around to see what's going on there. Note that some of the pages are still empty but I wouldn't worry too much about that.

Anyway, enough verbiage, here's the site:

Western Australian Numismatica

If you've got any information you think Walter might find useful then I encourage you to contact him using the contact form on the WA Numismatic site.

Excellent project Mark and thanks for the link. Soon I'll be cataloging Melbourne City Council's numismatic collection and would look to do something similar down the line so I might chat with you off line about that somewhere down the road. I would love to do it for the whole of Victoria, but that will be huge!
Numismatists Don't Fear Change

[Image: image003.jpg]

Thanks for the feedback Splock. I'd be happy to chat about this any time. I must admit that it has inspired me to move my own collection catalogue online. A project for another day perhaps Smile

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