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$1 mule

I signed for both of mine. Angel
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found in change after not looking for long? That's just not cricket.

I found 1 after looking for maybe 3 months going through all my vending machine coins, must have looked at 10000 $1 coins till I found 1.

I have found one, but I have searched a lot of coins (many more than "coins from vending").
I also found my mule early in my searching of $1 coins and have not found another since.

I found my first back about 2006 then nothing until earlier this year and pulled another 2 within 3 weeks of each other. They're still out there somewhere.

Nice find Surge, keep up the good work and find some more....

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I went through 80,000 darn one dollar coins and never found one!
Elusive little buggers....

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