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Under Rated Australian 50 cent coins

That pnc is different it didn't come in plastic. Just the pnc in a white (? -if I recall correctly) cardboard envelope (mailer) for protection.

There is no cover on this PNC, only a sandwich bag that someone has wrapped around it.

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Quote:now overrated

Not so sure about that, getting one in a slab at MS68 or better is quite tough
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1969 Specimen 50c
1972 1973 1985 Circulating 50c
2000 Incuse variety 50c
2001 Federation Circulating 50c
2010 COA upset variety 50c
2002 Accession NCLT 50c
Folks that's my list of desirable if not Under Rated Australian 50 Cent Coins
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That's a good list Runway.

Anyone know what the story with these 1988 silver proof Coat of Arms 50c mules is:
I had a look through McDonald's and there seem to be a few silver proof sets from the time which should have had the regular Bicentenary reverse.

Drake Sterling has one of the circulation 1988 mules for sale for $19,500:
I think there was another dealer that had one for sale for $15,000 or so a few months ago too. is the one that's currently for sale.

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