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2013 Purple 2 Dollar Coins Available in Bags of Five

In a not very well publicised release the RAM has decided to make the new circulating purple $2 coin available in bags of five for collectors. The main catch is you can only ring to purchase them, no buying online via the RAM eSHOP. You can read more about it here:

2013 Purple $2 Coins Available in Bags of 5

Cheers Mark
Just ordered my 5 coins $18 all up Yahoo
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(21-06-2013, 10:50 AM)trout Wrote: Cheers Mark
Just ordered my 5 coins $18 all up Yahoo


If they only had a lower postage option. $10 for $10 is great. The $8 (or $12) postage is not so great! Would have been nice if they did 10 coins ($20) (i.e. limit of 2 bags rather than 1) plus postage or something along those lines. Still a nice gesture from the mint (I know I'm being picky) and I'm happy to have mine ordered Yahoo

a dear friend of mine told me she went to the mint last week they had bags of 5 on display but they said not for sale she had to order ??
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Thanks Mark. I'll be ordering a bag asap!

For anyone else yet to order theirs, don't bother with Registered Mail, go for the $8 Receipted Delivery option. Might as well save yourself $4.

Mine arrived on Thursday, quality leaves quite a lot to be desired. One is really chopped up, the Obv looks like it's had a round or two with a meat cleaver.
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Mine arrived yesterday and they are also well bagged and only one of them doesn't have deep contact marks
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I had a closer look last night and 3 out if the five have big marks
I thought that i'd found big die chips
but noooo

I have three bags and another two to come. After your comments I am not game to have a close look at them.
First impression is that they are a little underwhelming. From the pictures I expected the purple to look more obvious.
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