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2013 Coronation Purple Coloured 2 Dollar in Circulation

Wow, this purple coin is so my thing, I love it!! And 2 million is a pretty low mintage for circulation, it might be pretty hard to get a hold of one of these.

2013 Coronation Purple Coin in Circulation

[Image: australia-2013-coronation-purple-2-dollar-rev.jpg]

know the $$ mint shop price PP?
I keep meaning to go down there as I have pick-ups to be picked up


clicked the link - got the price
& ordered one

The C mintmark coin is available in the Mint shop for $12.95. For the circulation no mintmark type we might have to wait.

The mint website appears to be a bit slow today, on my internet connection anyway. Must be all that purple coin chasing activity.

C mintmark in the RAM eshop

edit: good one Robbie, added link here.

looks nice enough to order

Here's the story from Coin World. Note that it says five packs will be available June 21, presumably in Australia only.-John

5??? Strange. That article is typically news though as it implies a lack of excitement because it's the second coloured coin in circulation. It is though the first, it's all in the wording of availability/press releases.

I wonder where the author got his/her information from. This excerpt makes it appear as though there might be a non-coloured (standard) version, but I doubt that it’s correct. Dodgy

[Image: r1k581.jpg]
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Good eyes Nancy, I don't think from what I've read that's correct either.

(18-06-2013, 08:08 AM)Nevol Wrote: ...makes it appear as though there might be a non-coloured (standard) version, but I doubt that it’s correct. Dodgy

Heh, give it a month or three, and it will be. Wink - Decimal Mintages and Polymer Notes PDFs
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I'm not seeing any flashy purple in that drum!!??!!

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