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2013 Coloured 1 Dollar Atlantic Puffin Polar Animals Series

[Image: puffin.jpg]

The latest in the coloured Polar Animals series, these images courtesy of the Royal Australian Mint are of the Atlantic Puffin. The reverse design by Aaron Baggio is pad printed. Coming soon to a dealer near you or a post office for $15.

It's the standard 25 millimetre size weighing 9 grams, a must for this dollar collector.

[Image: puffin-card.jpg]

I have a few of these pad printed coins in my collection simply out of curiosity.
To me they are just that a curiosity and not a serious coin design (any fool can cut and paste) I may get some later on but these are not a big priority for me and I will stick to the minted verses printed coins at the moment Ok
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I hope the puffin on my card doesn't have his head (on the card) cut off like the one in the RAM pic.

Aaron Baggio also did the 2012 $2 Remembrance Day poppy and the 50 cent Aus Ballet coins. His name is familiar, I think I saw him on the news recently. Anyway, another day another dollar coin to collect. Big Grin
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