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2013 Black Caviar Coloured 1 Dollar

no , not hair pp each starting stall is padded for the safety of the rider and the horse and I believe that as she is waiting for the other horses to go in to their starting stalls or barriers she was just leaning quietly against the sides , the quite horses go in first and that helps get the stressed horses to follow in next door .. ,, kel ,,
take care because we care ..

for sure - good explaination!!

thanks keldew
i'm just curious from Nevol's post

yeah , I'm not a horsey person either

all I have ever done is get on (in a very unladylike way)
hang on for dear life and hope to blazes that the jolly horse doesn't throw me too soon - ha ha

the hubby shouted me a pair of R M Williams jeans yesterday and I feel like a fraud to wear ém !! (but they are really comfortable so I'll get over it)

Now we are into varieties of Horses hair and or hair styles. What is this COIN Forum coming too..........Heheh.


bruce the coins of Australia show royalty with the queen of England

this horse shows her picture to on a coin which is royalty too ,

she is queen of the race track ,,.. ,, kel ,,
take care because we care ..

Well said kel. I did meet one of the owners of Black caviar whilst at the CStamp Expo on the Saturday. Down to earth and thanked all that spoke to him re the interest we all showed in the horse.

I responded by thanking him for giving us a champion horse to cheer us all up as did Pharlap did many many years ago.

I wonder how many forum members actually bet on this horse during it's racing career. I for one didn't.


very hard to put $ 20.00 on a horse and get a total of $21 .00 back if it wins , you are only giving the rich bookie the odds ,

and the horse has a chance of falling over or whatever and loosing the race , you have one horse that must win , he has 12 that anyone of them could win , who,s getting the best odds ?

you see rich bookies , not many rich punters around ...
that's why I gave it away many years ago .. ,, kel ,,
take care because we care ..

I have bought both the coloured coin and the PNC coin.
The mint is getting my money and not the bookies Ok
Aim well to enjoy life. You only get One shot at it.
Illegitimi non carborundum

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