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Churned out crap - interest - 18-07-2015

What about the crap that is being churned out by the Perth Mint & not far behind is the Royal Australian Mint.

$107 for a Princess Jasmine Disney coin
only 10,000 mintage, rush out & buy a couple of them... NOT!!!

RE: Churned out crap - trout - 18-07-2015

It's called "Granybait" Ok
You either love it or hate it but it isn't going away anytime soon .
I even buy the odd piece that I personally consider "interesting", for me this isn't a numismatic acquisition more of "I just like the bloody thing and I WANT one" Smile
These issues can be a "two edged sword" as far as new collectors are concerned.
They will either spark an interest in numismatics or soil their interest forever.
You have to remember that us collectors are strange critters and if all we had to look forward to every year is the new issue of 6 circulating coins it would boor us stupid so some of these commemoratives, mint marks and other mint issue NCLT tend to keep us interested in the Decimals. Ok

RE: Churned out crap - Coiny Chris - 06-10-2015


A Mint is to make Coins for the Country. Main purpose. To increase profits / Jobs they also make collectible Coins. Some accidentally though ! If People buy it they will sell it. Like Franklin Mint, I have some nice Sterling Coins in sets I quite like, didnt buy new though. Legal Tender with a nice design and perfect condition. Why not ? We all have different tastes, and so we all collect different types of things. Another collector is different, not wrong. Some may learn and become more selective. Others may have been a passing interest and a 1 off purchase.

RE: Churned out crap - runway - 06-10-2015

Perth Mint churned out crap I don't understand how anyone would purchase these overpriced junk

RE: Churned out crap - Coiny Chris - 07-10-2015


Taste is subjective thing. Despite my Avatar, I am not a Dr Who person. They make the Dr Who coins in silver. There would be royalties to pay, and I am sure some fans will buy anything related to Dr Who. If something is really bad and no-one buys it, low numbers will mean more valuable later. There are some Car brands that I cant understand why anyone would buy the rubbish they make. Same thing IMO.