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Full Version: Where do you finbd yourt coins?
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I usually trawl Ebay to see if i can find any bargains but have found it getting more pricey of late, apart from that I go to the local estate auctions to see if there are any collections going and have been to the Noble auctions once which seemed like a lot of good deals went under the hammer but need to do a bit more research there.

Are there any other ideas for picking up reasonable priced coins for my collection?

Or is it just a matter of looking and being in the right place at the right time?


Do you do any noodling? Many of our members pick up some fairly hard to find decimal coins that way.

Coin shows might be worth checking out depending on where you are.
Hi no - i actually havn't heard of noodling?
I just purchase what I want from various sources....ebay, RAM, facebook.

Just have to be very careful these days for false coins/adds
I got my first "serious" coin from Numisbid.
Most of my coins are from circulation or from trading.
If you collect world coins, then trading is the way to go. Smile
I find shows to be pretty good for Australian stuff.
ebay, local markets, club meetings... ....... Awesome place to swap with other collectors around the world. I have done over 68 swaps on there and have got some great coins. Plus I do pick up some on Ebay. And of course from coin shops and even the good old RAM.

Cheers Mike
Hi All, when I open up this post only, it is in the form of BLACK letters on a BLUE background.
Why is this so?
Does this have anything to do with the problem Keldaw is having, he sees to be describing a similar?

A blue background would have to be manually set in some way as I have not seen that on any other post.
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