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Full Version: The Australian Federation coins picture thread
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As the picture threads appear to be quite popular with our Members and our Guest's that pop in from time to time I thought it would be a good idea to show people what our 2001 Federation coins look like.
These coins were produced for circulation and are a very popular set of coins amongst Australian collectors.

Here We Go Smile
I will add images of the Proof strike coins soon Ok

Federation One Dollar coin
[Image: dollar~1.jpg]

Federation 50c
[Image: fedoration_50c.jpg]

Australian Capital Territories 20c and 50c coins
[Image: act~0.jpg]

Norfolk Island 20c and 50c coins
[Image: ni~0.jpg]

New South Wales 20c and 50c coins
[Image: nsw~0.jpg]

Northern Territory 20c and 50c coins
[Image: nt~0.jpg]

Queensland 20c and 50c coins
[Image: qld~0.jpg]

South Australia 20c and 50c coins
[Image: sa~0.jpg]

Tasmania 20c and 50c coins
[Image: tas~0.jpg]

Victoria 20c and 50c coins
[Image: vic~0.jpg]

Western Australia 20c and 50c coins
[Image: wa~0.jpg]

Victoria 20c and 50c coins
[Image: vic~1.jpg]
Bonza topic for a new thread trout. It might be worth pointing out that the twenty cent coin designs were done by school students who entered (and won) a competition. The fifty cent designs are the official state Coat of Arms.

Twenty cent mintages:

2,100,000 ACT
2,200,000 NI
3,203,000 NSW
2,100,000 NT
2,300,000 QLD
2,400,000 SA
2,200,000 TAS
2,900,000 VIC
2,400,000 WA

Fifty cent mintages:

2,000,000 ACT
2,160,000 NI
3,042,000 NSW
2,080,000 NT
2,320,000 QLD
2,400,000 SA
2,160,000 TAS
2,800,000 VIC
2,400,000 WA

Thanks for the added info Mate, Much appreciated Good
I'll pull out my boxed set of Proofs shortly and get the images up soon Smile
The uncirculated mint set came in a 26 page binder. Here are the scans of the two pages relating to the kids who won the design competition:

[Image: 3U3oq6G.jpg]

[Image: f1fVUmp.jpg]

I bought my mint set second hand and the bonus lapel badge was missing Sad

Here is the cover of Mint Issue Nr. 40 (Feb 2001):

[Image: G7EYGrZ.jpg]

Page 7 Mint Issue Nr. 40 (Feb 2001):

[Image: GLYKEYt.jpg]
Some interesting information there Mate Good
It's just my opinion, but I think the twenty cent coins look better than the fifties, and it's a shame that the fifties didn't have the school designs.
Quote:It might be worth pointing out that the twenty cent coin designs were done by school students who entered (and won) a competition.
The school kids (see above) all received a special presentation certificate from the Mint and their schools -who had to sponsor their entry- received a cash payment. Seems a little unfair to me (I bet the school kids would have liked the money) but...they all have their initials on the coins so they are up there with SD and IRB. That is serious bragging rights.
Thanks for the info. I never knew the designs were
from a kids competition. Some great designs for kids. Smile
Here are the Proof coins in this series Smile

Federation Dollar
[Image: dollar_pr.jpg]

Federation 50c
[Image: fedoration_50c_pr.jpg]

[Image: act_pr.jpg]

Norfolk Island
[Image: ni_pr.jpg]

New South Wales
[Image: nsw_pr.jpg]

Northern Territory
[Image: nt_pr.jpg]

[Image: qld_pr.jpg]

South Australia
[Image: sa_pr.jpg]

[Image: tas_pr.jpg]

[Image: vic_pr.jpg]

Western Australia
[Image: wa_pr.jpg]
You have some very nice coins there trout.
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