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Full Version: The Wedding Set picture Thread 2002-2009
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It has taken me quite some time and effort to finally get these coins recognised and attributed as Specimen strikes.
NGC has come up with the goods so here they are.
I apologise beforehand about the image quality These particular coins are incredibly hard to image due to the super reflective surfaces ,So bear with me Ok

Here are the 2009 coins

2009 $2 SP69
[Image: 2009__2.jpg]

2009 $1 SP68
[Image: 2009__1.jpg]

2009 50c SP69
[Image: 2009_50c.jpg]

2009 20c SP68
[Image: 2009_20c.jpg]

2009 10c SP69
[Image: 2009_10c.jpg]

2009 5c SP70
[Image: 2009_5c.jpg]
WOW!...bloody beautiful mate.
Nice you done a good job with photos trout
Thanks Barry Smile

Here are the 2008 coins

2008 $2 SP69
[Image: 2008__2.jpg]

2008 $1 SP69
[Image: 2008__1.jpg]

2008 50c SP69
[Image: 2008_50c~0.jpg]

2008 20c SP69
[Image: 2008_20c~0.jpg]

2008 10c SP70
[Image: 2008_10c.jpg]

2008 5c SP69
[Image: 2008_5c.jpg]
i am impressed and your effort has been duly rewarded Good

and great pics too
The Pic's could be better But they are the best I can do at the moment.
I have to balance between getting some glare on the plastic and seeing the detail on the coins.
These are absolute Buggers to image.
Anyway here are the 2007 coins.
I won't be able to take any more images until my other submission comes back from NGC.
Feel free to add your own Wedding set images here Ok

2007 $2 SP69
[Image: 2007__2.jpg]

2007 $1 SP69
[Image: 2007__1.jpg]

2007 50c SP69
[Image: 2007_50c.jpg]

2007 20c SP70
[Image: 2007_20c.jpg]

2007 10c SP69
[Image: 2007_10c.jpg]

2007 5c SP68
[Image: 2007_5c.jpg]
WOW Trout these are beautiful.
Lovely. Just does show what the RAM can do when they really try.
Wow!! They're real eye poppers. Drooling
Great outcome for all your hard work. Good

Now I have to resist the urge to start collecting them.
(23-09-2016, 06:44 AM)JeffH Wrote: [ -> ]Lovely. Just does show what the RAM can do when they really try.

This years "In come the Dollars/Cents" Set Coins are of a similar quality/type But have granulated fields are another example that the artisans at RAM are World Class. Good
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