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Full Version: NZ 2015 Coloured 50 Cent Has Arrived
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[attachment=3214][attachment=3215]Got Myself a few rolls and now I have some nice 2x2 plastic pockets to display and store them. Neat coin and much smaller than I expected. Its roughly the size of an aussie 10 cent piece. Love the coin.
Nice coins mate and I like the folders you obtained Smile
this that cover plastic or myler?
(18-04-2015, 01:52 PM)robbiegal Wrote: [ -> ]this that cover plastic or myler?

Plastic. not sure exactly what plastic but pvc free
(18-04-2015, 04:04 PM)Oldcoinchest Wrote: [ -> ]Plastic. not sure exactly what plastic but pvc free

Polypropylene (PP), IIRC from previous discussions.

BoPET (Mylar is one of several brand names) isn't stiff enough for this application. Look at a packet of chips or a helium balloon to see what I mean.

Also, I would be really hesitant to leave coins in such a holder long term, for the same reason the MYO cards are a bad idea. Anything that's open will let air in, along with all the contaminants it contains. This will eventually kill the coins.
Food grade non PVC is ok,the NZ Coloured 50c will cope in your folders Oldcoinchest