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Full Version: 2013 50 Years of Australian Surfing 50 cent
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Ok so not a new release but still a 2013 coin for those keeping their 50 cents up to date. Marks pic of this coin looks amazing.
2013 Surfing 50c
[Image: australia-2013-50c-surfing.jpg]
I like the surfboard packaging - almost more than the coin!
The packaging on this coin is not warranted as one cannot find a storage page to store it in. Why doesn't the RAM standardise its packaging and put 50c pices into credit card packaging.

I have hunted all over the place for a suitable storage page for nothing.
(26-09-2013, 07:10 PM)Goldseeker Wrote: [ -> ]Why doesn't the RAM standardise its packaging

For the same reason the video industry was using all sorts of oddball packaging. To make it stand out and therefore sell more.

Its a gimmick. One that, sadly, us humans are programmed to fall for.
Surfboard packaging is a gimmick the PNC version is best for storage