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Full Version: Forum Server Change - Potential Downtime
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Forum Server Change - Potential Downtime - markn

I am going to change the server this forum is hosted on in the next day or two. This is part of a process where I am rationalising and re-organising web hosts to reduce some cost and make things easier to manage for myself and PPH.

The new host is in Singapore rather than the USA so we should see some better performance. As part of the change the global DNS records will need to change so there could be a period of a day or two where the site cannot be accessed.

Apologies for this happening so soon after the SSL problem from last week. Barring a zombie apocalypse this should be the last potential interruption for a while.

I'll update this post a few hours before I actually make the switch.

Well I got up at 5AM this morning to do this and unfortunately the move has failed. The gallery system is dependent on an obsolete version of some server software that isn't on the new server. I'll have to talk to PPH about a course of action from here.